Intimidator for anal stretching / 8778


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This dildo features the ideal anatomical shape for anal stretching. Just squat down over our Intimidator and let it slide inside just up to the first mark. . .wow, incredible! Once you feel the next level of lust, slip it in a little deeper. Moments later it will disappear completely inside you! Clearly visible results are possible with regular use!

The Intimidator offers an incredible 28 cm of pure lust! The diameter of the Intimidator is about 5 cm (2″) at the top, and 10 cm (4″) at the base.

The Intimidator is made from flexible but resistant TPR. This is a modern latex-free thermoplastic material with special properties.

Features a stable base. 28 cm (11″) length, Ø cm 5 cm-10 cm (2 – 4″).


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