HurtMe: Spanking Stick Minos – 9941/00



This whip is the precursor of the contemporary riding crop. Due to a perfect combination of stiffness and elasticity, our Spanking Stick MINOS is a very desirable spanking instrument.


One of our favourite toys that no well-sorted whip collection should be without.


Our Spanking Sticks are made in a limited quantity through a nearly forgotten manufacturing process. These beautiful products are elaborately handcrafted  . Plaited from thin straps of tanned cow leather, any experienced spanker will realise the quality of workmanship that went into this product. It is completely braided, with all details, until the tip.


Pure pleasure for novices and advanced learners. Our Spanking Stick has a rounded down handle and lays nicely in the hand for precise management.


The Spanking Stick is suited for tender to hard usage and easily allows several spanking variations.




  • Historical riding crop for spanking
  • Length: approx. 60cm = 24 inches
  • Material: leather




Erotic spanking with our products can be performed in numerous different ways. Options available range from tender, caressing pats and education games, right up to heavy punishment with shackling (Bondage). However you practise erotic spanking, the basic principles are: Safe, Sane and Consensual. This is according to general consensus and is the critical basis for erotic spanking.


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