HurtMe: Leather Flogger Antaios – 9946/00



Let your diabolic fantasies run free. Our Flogger Antaios is both stylish and sensual. Red is the colour of the devil and black is the colour of the night.


Surprise your partner with lustful sensations of a different kind. It doesn´t matter if you are a pro or a novice in this area  luxurious Flogger Antaios drives frivolous lust to a tightrope dance between devotion and domination.


Let the sleek leather strap glide gently over your partner´s skin and show them with firm strikes who’s in charge! Whatever you are dreaming of, everything is possible.


The grip is of plaited nubuck leather and embellished with two leather knots. The black and red nubuck straps create a high air resistance and make the characteristic clapping noise when it hits the target.


Use it with shackles and blindfold for an extra kick – it increases the sensation for even stronger sensual experiences.




  • Length: approx. 65cm = 25 inches
  • Material: leather




Erotic spanking with our products can be performed in numerous different ways. Options available range from tender, caressing pats and education games, right up to heavy punishment with shackling (Bondage). However you practise erotic spanking, the basic principles are: Safe, Sane and Consensual. This is according to general consensus and is the critical basis for erotic spanking.


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