HurtMe: Single Tail Whip Leander – 9944/00



Our Single Tail Whip Leander, the so-called bullwhip, is an excellent all-rounder for BDSM usage. Very accurate due to its rigid grip, after some training it can be used in a regulated manner.


These beautiful whips are handmade exclusively for MEO and are braided out of straps of vegetable tanned cow leather.


The Single Tail Whip Leander is distinguished via the rigid grip that is integrated in the whip. Between the rigid grip and the flexible thong is a knot embellishment. At the end of thong is the so-called ‟Fall”, with the popper/cracker connected to the end of it.


With correct motion the end of the whip can be accelerated to supersonic speed, which generates the ‟crack of the whip‟.


Our whip fits brilliantly in the hand despite its rustic appearance. Single Tail Whips have, in comparison with other whips, a considerably higher risk of injury and are generally only used after a longer training time.




  • Length: approx.190cm = 75 inches
  • Material: leather


Erotic spanking with our products can be performed in numerous different ways. Options available range from tender, caressing pats and education games, right up to heavy punishment with shackling (Bondage). However you practise erotic spanking, the basic principles are: Safe, Sane and Consensual. This is according to general consensus and is the critical basis for erotic spanking.


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